We build for the city of tomorrow

Solving everyday challenges

Today almost 75% of Europeans live in cities. In 2050 it is expected to exceed 80%. Cities are the centre of civilizations and powerhouses of economic growth and innovation.

Using the most advanced technologies, Urban Development Technologies (UDT) strive to make the daily lives of more than two-thirds of the population simpler, more effective and fun.

We’re more about the small challenges we meet every day than the larger transformations, but we also believe in the additive power of many small changes adding up to provide a revolution in urban living. Big transformation projects tend to be utopian, instead, in a truly agile way, we simply build things.

We are a team of creative and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for improving coexistence between people driving a more sustainable way of life in cities. We believe that our approach of combining technologies in creative, untraditional ways has enormous potential.