We want you to have a great experience

Greener, smarter, safer and more fun.

We strive to enhance our users’ everyday life experience in the city. We refuse to see a contradiction between sustainability and being smarter, safer and fun.

We are working with a win-win based business model. We want our users to feel that they have gained on our mutual engagement by making the use of our solutions practical, easy and cheap. 

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our solutions are in harmony with an overall, ever-growing agenda of making urban living greener and more sustainable and inclusive.

The above goes for our smart door-communication systems (DoorDing), which improves the interaction between the inhabitants of the city and the businesses with which they engage.

It also goes for our micro-mobility parking regulation systems, which pave the way for increased use of bicycles and other micro-mobility devices in the city, securing a more smooth and organized interaction with public transportation infrastructure and other transportation.

... and we have so much more coming!